Basic Bridge
Basic Bridge
Basic Bridge
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Basic Bridge

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Basic Bridge gives you detailed guidelines on the basic conventions and concepts that are used in modern bridge. Use these cards to review the systems you play at at your bridge club or with friends.  You'll find that going over each card with your partner will improve your game considerably.

The 29 4" x 6" cards come with a ring binder to hold them together in the corner. You can take notes on the cards, rearrange them and add them to cards from other decks in the series, giving you your own personal guide to the game. 

We've included some sample cards from Basic Bridge to show you how we present the concepts. Unfortunately, these sample cards are as big as we can make them on this website.  Just expand the card on your computer or other device to get a closer look.  

Here are all the cards you will find in Basic Bridge

Counting Points
Valuing Your Hand
Evaluating Your Hand for Suit Bid
Opening in a Suit
Responding to a Major Suit Opening
Responding to a Minor Suit Opening
Opener’s First Rebid in Suit Contracts
Responder’s Rebid in Suit Contracts
Opening in No Trump
Responding to a One-No-Trump Bid
Stayman Basic
Stayman With Second Suits
Jacoby Transfers
Preemptive Openings
Third and Fourth Seat Openings
Two-Club Opening Bid and Response
Making an Overcall
Advancing an Overcall
Slam Bidding: Blackwood & Gerber
Michaels Cuebid
Unusual No Trump
Responder’s Bids After Interference
Takeout Doubles
Responder’s Bids After Opponent’s TOX
Balancing (“Reopening”) Bids
Opener’s Reverses and Jump Shifts
Opening Leads Against Suit Contracts
Opening Leads Against NT Contracts
Basic Signals