Learn Bridge With Merry!

New Classes Will Begin In April

Our terrific online bridge teacher, Merry Schainblatt, has developed a series of lesson plans to meet all needs. Since the beginning of the pandemic, she has offered classes in the basics through competitive bidding and Two Over One.  

Open Classes

Merry offers a number of free bridge classes, called "Open Classes." These classes are conducted in Zoom and usually are attended by 50 to 100 students.  Current Open Classes all began in January and are under way now. 

There will be new Open Classes starting in April. You'll be able to register for the April classes beginning about the beginning of March. Meanwhile, please attend any of the current classes you wish. 

Here are Merry's current Open Classes:

Back to Basics Part I, Wednesdays, 10 am

Back to Basics Part II, Fridays, 10 am

Next Steps, Thursdays, 3 pm

Further Steps, Saturdays, 10 am

Two Over One, Tuesdays, 3 pm

For a Zoom link to one of the current Open Classes, just click on the class above and follow the steps to purchase the class. Don't worry -- you won't be asked for a credit card.  This is a free purchase. 

Merry conducts these classes as a volunteer. While the classes are free, we urge students to donate to the St. Petersburg Bridge Club. 

Premium Classes

Merry's Premium Classes are limited to about 20 students per class.  This is because Merry uses a special program that puts you at virtual bridge table where Merry can work with you directly.  It's about as close to sitting in a classroom with a teacher looking over your shoulder as you can get in this online world. Premium classes are priced at $80 per class. 

All Premium Classes are full for this session.  If you would like to put your name on a waiting list for the classes that will begin in April, click here. 

If you'd like more information about the Premium Classes that are currently underway, click on the class below. Keep in mind that these classes are now closed additional registrations. 

Introduction to Bridge

Competitive Bidding