How to Register for a Free Class

Even though a bridge class may be presented free-of-charge, you will have to go through the process of "buying" the class in order to register. Don't worry, you won't be asked for any credit card information.

Here's how to sign up:

  1. Click on the button for the class you want.
  2. Click on “Add to Cart.”
  3. A small box should pop up (usually in the upper right hand corner of your screen) that says  you have added Merry’s class to your cart.  Click on “View Cart.”
  4. Next will be a screen that summarizes your order.  Click on “Check Out."
  5. On the next screen, fill out all of your contact information, including all the fields requested under “Billing Address.” When you have finished this, click on “Continue to payment.”
  6. You should see a screen with a message in the center saying “Your order is free. No payment required.”
  7. VERY IMPORTANT:  Press “Pay now,” even though the order is free.

That will complete your registration. 

Here are some ideas for what to do if you have problems:

  • If the messages listed above don't appear, perhaps your screen isn't big enough.  Try scrolling your screen to show more. 
  • Try a "voodoo fix:" Shut down your computer completely and try again. 
  • If nothing helps, send an email to

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