Learn Bridge With Merry!

Our terrific online bridge teacher, Merry Schainblatt, has developed a series of lesson plans to meet all needs. 

Enrollment is open to all, both members and non-members of the St. Petersburg Bridge Club

Before a class is scheduled to begin we will send you a link to the Zoom classroom. We’ll also send you a reminder link the morning of the class. We advise you to get to the classroom early so Merry can begin on time. If you haven't used Zoom yet, please take some time before the class begins to familiarize yourself. 

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Open Classes

Open Classes are free and usually attended by 50 to 100 students. Registration is required. You will need to go through the process of "buying" the class, even though no fee is required and you won't be asked for any credit card information. If you need specific directions, click here

Back to Basics I: An Introduction to Bidding and Play
This class is designed for players with very limited bridge experience or who have not played for a long time.  It reviews basic bidding; opening one of a suit and one no trump, along with Stayman and transfers.
Mondays at 10  a.m. beginning April 26
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Back to Basics II:  Competitive Bidding
This class follows Back to Basics I.  It covers bidding when both sides are competing for a contract.  The topics are preemptive opening bids, overcalls, the take-out double, the negative double, the limit raise cue-bid, opening two clubs, and an introduction to slam bidding.
Wednesdays at ten a.m. beginning April 28
Next Steps II
This class is a continuation of Next Steps I.  It will cover the left side of the convention card.  Michaels, the Unusual Two No Trump, Bidding after a take-out double, the redouble, defenses against no trump, balancing, etc.
Thursdays at three p.m. beginning April 29
Defense Basics
This class will cover the basics of defense; making the opening lead, second and third hand play, and signaling.
Fridays at ten a.m. beginning April 30
Play of the Hand
This class will quickly review the basics, then move on to a deeper study of finesses, the hold-up play, the safety play and endplays
Saturdays at ten a.m. beginning May 1


Merry conducts these classes as a volunteer. While the classes are free, we urge students to donate to the St. Petersburg Bridge Club. Just click the link below to donate. 

Premium Classes

For Premium Classes, Merry uses a special program that puts you at virtual bridge table where Merry can work with you directly.  It's about as close to sitting in a classroom with a teacher looking over your shoulder as you can get in this online world. Premium classes are priced at $80 per class.  

Introduction to Bridge: Basic Bidding

This class is for absolute beginners or those who want to relearn bridge from the very beginning.  This class uses a technology which allows players to be seated at a virtual table and play cards their computers.  This class will last ten to twelve weeks.
Tuesdays at ten a.m. to eleven thirty beginning May 4

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Introduction to Bridge: Competitive Bidding

This class directly follows Introduction to Bridge: Basic Bidding.  It teaches how to bid when both sides are competing for the contract.  It includes preemptive opening bids, overcalls, and doubles.  Enrollment is limited to those who have just completed Introduction to Bridge: Basic Bidding
Thursdays at ten a.m. to eleven thirty beginning April 29

Click here to register for Introduction to Bridge: Competitive Bidding, $80